Claire regularly teaches workshops around the UK and is available for bookings either for festivals or stand alone workshops. Her unique teaching style allows her to present material in ways that students to develop their understand bellydance through an integration of cultural, musical and technical perspectives

Brief descriptions of a number of Claire's recent workshops are provided below. All of Claire's workshops can be tailored to the needs of your individual event, time available and your students' interests and level of experience. Different workshops can be made appropriate for different levels of students - the range of levels to which the workshop can be tailored to is shown in italics. The levels are defined at the bottom of the page.
Beladi Basics
An introduction to dancing in the beladi style, looking at the music, attitude and context of the style...with technique and combinations to help you explore the feel of the music.
[Level Options: Improver to Intermediate]
Golden Era Style
An exploration of dance styles of the Golden Era dancers, made famous by the Egyptian movies of the 1940s and 1950s including Samia Gamal and Tahia Carioca. Looking at the context of the era, musical styles, technique and combinations, leading to a choreography depending on the length and level of the workshop. Fun and everso girly!
"After your workshop I'm already starting to feel less like a Disney hippo ballerina and more like Tinkerbell!"- RW
A good, gentle workshop ideal for those wanting to have a go at workshops for the first time, or those with more experience who want to develop their knowledge of this era's style.
[Level Options: Beginner/Improver to Improver/Intermediate]
Modern Egyptian Themes
A look at the key themes and techniques that link the hugely varied styles of dancers on the Current Cairo scene. We will explore the concepts and basic skills that are needed to bring these themes to our dancing, and some Modern Cairo technique and combinations that use these.
[Level Options: Improver/Intermediate to Intermediate]
Vivaceous Veils
Make your veil live! We will learn about how your veil can take on different characters depending on how you handle it - enabling the veil to work with you and compliment your dancing, rather than having to fight it. Using elements of a dynamic veil choreography with a Spanish vibe.
"Great structure of content and flow"
"Lots of ideas"
"Superb as usual"
Rated 4.6 out of 5 by attendees*
[Level Options: Improver]
Sink in to Saiidi
An introduction to the Saiidi style. Enjoy dancing this funky, grounded style based on music and dances from Upper Egypt. We will look at the context, music and feel of saiidi dancing, and how this folk style has permeated its way into Egyptian popular music and modern dance. Can include some simple stick work, or not, depending on your preference
[Level Options: Beginners/Improver or Improver]
The above can be combined with...
Modern Saiidi Choreography
A fun, funky and saucy choreography with plenty of material that really lets you get into the Saiidi vibe.
" enjoyable, fun and educational..."
"...lovely to leave with really tangible knowledge..."
"...loved the choreography.."
Rated 4.8 out of 5 by attendees*
[Level Options: Improver+]

Listen to the Music
An introduction to interpreting music. Do you struggle to know where to begin when improvising or choreographing? A brief look at musicality and the clues and cues you can take from the music to help you shape your dance.
"For the first time ever I managed to switch off my critical brain and just go with the music"
Rated 4.4 out of 5 by attendees*
A relaxed, low energy workshops, combining discussion, dance and listening exercises.
[Level Options: Improver to Improver/Intermediate]
Claire Dances
Belly Bodies
A short workshop exploring different techniques of how to get in touch with our bodies, and the benefits that building body awareness can bring to our dance.
[Level Options: Open Level]
Moving with Emotion
What makes the difference between being a good technical dancer and really being able to feel the music? A look at some ideas of how you can bring out a connection between your dance and the music - looking at musical phrasing and ways to enhance your technique.
[Level Options: Improver/Intermediate]
Exploring Veils
How to make the best of your veil! Posture, body line and tips to make simple veil moves more effective, developing to some more complex moves and combinations (depending on the level of the workshop) to allow you to carry these principles through. Exploration of how to choose a veil to suit your choreography, or if you would rather, a choreography to fit with that lovely new outfit and veil you have invested in!!!
[Level Options: Improver]
Finishing Touches with Fans
Using elements or all of an elegant choreography to a beautiful, slow, love song by Nancy Ajram "Lamset Id". We will use small hand fans as a tool to work on our bodylines, improve arm shapes and energy and enhance the sense of drama in our dance. Don't think of this as a prop class - this is how to use your body for maximum effect!
"Loved this. Beautiful music, lovely choreography, wonderfully taught"
Rated 4.7 out of 5 by attendees*
Level Options: Improver/Intermediate]
Claire is well known for her taught choreographies, in particular in terms of their musical interpretation. As such Claire's choreographies can not only be useful to students in terms of ideas for technique and combinations, but can also help them to hear and understand different elements within the music.
Claire has a number of choreographies at a range of levels currently developed for workshops including flirty pop, classical or modern Egyptian oriental, beladi, saiidi, veil and meleya.
Claire loves choreographing, and is always looking towards further expanding her repertoire. Therefore if you are after anything in particular, please ask.
[Level Options: Any levels can be accomodated]
Golden Greats
Looking at key elements of the styles of stars including Samia Gamal, Tahia Carioca and Naima Akef. What makes them dance like they do? What are their dance personalities? What are their characteristic moves? By looking at this, we will explore in a very real way how the way we as individuals hold ourselves affects everything we present as a dancer.
"Claire really knows her stuff...quality teaching and communication of ideas"
Rated 4.7 out of 5 by attendees*
[Level Options: Improver/Intermediate]
Specific Technique
Claire has a reputation for being able to clearly and simply break down technique for students, whether it be teaching basics or more advanced movements, or working on how students can improve their existing technique.
Claire is happy to teach technique workshops on practically any area of Egyptian bellydance technique, including undulations, camels and smoothing moves, shimmies, egyptian walks, turns and spins and travelling steps etc.
[Level Options: Any levels can be accomodated]

Please feel free to contact Claire to discuss in detail the available workshops, your event requirements and Claire's rates for teaching workshops.
*Student ratings and feedback
All quotes above are taken from anonamous feedback forms submitted to event organisers about the workshop described before. Student ratings are based on the average of the student ratings given about the workshop. Due to different events scoring on a different basis, these are normalised out of a maximum score of 5.
Definition of Student Levels used above:
Beginner: Less than 2 terms (please note that none of the above are suitable for absolute beginners, as they all assume some knowledge of basic moves).
Improver: More than 2 terms - Assumes confidence in all basic bellydance moves, with students working to perfect these and expand their repertoire.
Intermediate: Usually more than 2 years - Assumes dancers are comfortable in a large range of moves, are willing to improvise and to work on higher level technique and variations of basic moves. They may also be interested in developing performance skills.
Please note that as all teachers have different styles of teaching and students different specialities, the times indicated above should be considered indicative only
Where levels are shown with a slash (eg Improver/Intermediate) it indicates that it is suitable for students who are approaching of have just reached the higher level (ie for more experienced Improver students and less experienced Intermediate students)