Private Lessons...

Claire's analytical approach to dance, eye for detail and friendly and approachable teaching style mean that private lessons are what she really excels at, having a knack for being able to bring out the very best in her students! From one off lessons, to longer term series or her unique and much sought after Summer Performance Project, Claire can help you. She is also a National Assessor on the JWAAD Development Programme, which has been put together to provide a framework to help you progress!

“I will need to visit you in future for more private lessons - I'd happily drive the 280 miles for a lesson” – Emma Hamilton
Private Lessons

Do you have some particular technique you are struggling on?
Claire can help you iron out those nagging problems in your technique. It is often possible to make real improvements to your dancing through the benefit of one to one tuition, focusing on your own body and posture to identify those little changes you need to make to really shine. If you would like to understand where you are and how you can develop in a more structured way, Claire is authorised to be able to register you on and provide you with an assessment under the JWAAD Personal Development Programme.

Do you want to stretch yourself or learn a new style?
Claire can work on musical styles, technique, and stepping patterns to give you some new ideas - a "mini" workshop tailored to your every whim! Above all, however, Claire wants all her students to develop their own unique style, and will work to give you the tools to explore and make the best of your own dance!

Are you struggling to work on a piece for your solo performance?
Claire is well known for her strong choreographical skills and can either choreograph a dance for your own sole use, give advice on how to choreograph, or help you with ideas to refine your own choreography. She can also help you develop your performance skills and musical interpretation. Her Summer Performance Project is developed based on these principles to help you shine!

“You helped me realise it was okay to get out there and smile and dance because I love it” – Deborah MacFaden

Claire offers a range of deals for those wishing to study privately with her, offering extra value for those who want to commit to their development over a series of lessons. Please feel free to contact Claire to discuss your requirements and costs. Whilst Claire is based in Newcastle, she also often travels to other areas, in particular around Yorkshire. If you wish to have a private lesson with Claire but can not come to Newcastle, there may be options to combine this with her other travels to make it more convenient and cost effective, so get in touch!