About Claire...

Claire Barnfather (née Novis) is a performer and teacher of Egyptian Style Belly Dance, based in Newcastle upon Tyne.
She is known for her musicality, expressive dancing, choreographies and clear and warm teaching style.

...as a Dancer...

Claire first began belly dancing in 1999 and has since studied extensively with top dancers and choreographers in both the United Kingdom and Cairo, including Kay Taylor, Raqia Hassan, Aida Nour, Dina, Randa, Yasmina, Dandesh, Leila, Camelia, Josephine Wise, and Leila Haddad. In 2009 Claire went to stay in Cairo for two months to study dance in depth and improve her understanding of Egyptian culture.

Inspired by these influences and experiences, Claire has worked to develop her own dancing style. She is known most widely for the soft and expressive quality of her dancing, showing her emotional side whilst dancing to music such as that of Om Kalthoum. In contrast as the tempo builds, the music brings out Claire's strong, powerful and cheeky side! Claire also has a secret passion for dancing to western rock music, which she likes to indulge at appropriate events! Above all, Claire is well known for her expression and musical interpretation.

"Fab...great stage presence!" - KT

(after watching Claire at a 2009 party)

Claire is an experienced performer, performing at restaurants, corporate events, parties and weddings. She has also performed on stage with the headliners of the Avalon Stage, the Baghdaddies, at the 2008 Glastonbury Festival. From 2003 until 2014, Claire was a member of the Tarab Dance Company, one of only a few professional Arabic Dance troups in the UK. As part of Tarab, Claire has performed shows at numerous locations around the North of England, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2004 and at the Hilton Hotel, Algiers for their 2007 New Year celebrations, and was Artistic Director for their "Rihla" Show, which toured the UK in 2011 and 2012. She has recently left Tarab to concentrate on other projects.
"You show such expression and have such a connection with the audience - I couldn't take my eyes of you" - Jane
after watching Claire perform as part of the Tarab Dance Company)
"I was totally enthralled watching you!" - SW

(after watching Claire perform in 2009)

After your workshop I'm already starting to feel less like a Disney hippo ballerina and more like Tinkerbell!"- RW

(after a "Golden Era" workshop, with lots of focus on Arabesques and being exceptionally girly!)